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So my mom has been offically inducted into the Cult of Mac. After having her card number stolen via malware and various recurring virus issues, she started asking me about my mac, since she used it when she was at my place in Atlanta..   So of course last night I popped into her XP machine via TeamViewer when she needed to ask me something and I see an Apple Store receipt on her screen for a new Macbook pro, iPad 2, AppleTV and applecare for everything..

Happy, but somewhat stressed since I know I’m going to have to set it all up for her, but I know the calls will be less “OMFG SOME RUSSIAN STOLE EVERYTHING” and more “Hey, how do I upload stuff in iPhoto”. and that I can handle.

And I’m not bitter at all that her laptop will be better than mine, nope, not one bit.

Maybe a little.





November 3, 2011 - Posted by | General Geek Wisdom

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