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Uk Norway Brexit Agreement

An agreement was signed today (Tuesday 8 December) in London to close merchandise trade between the UK and Iceland and Norway. The UK`s withdrawal from the EEA agreement will have an impact on UK companies acting on value added in Norway without having a business space. From the outset, these companies must be registered with a representative in the VAT register. This requirement does not apply to companies in EEA states when they have entered into an information exchange and assistance agreement for VAT collection with Norway. If such a company nevertheless elects a representative, the requirement of joint and several liability of the representative, which is otherwise in force, does not apply. At the end of the transitional period, this exemption will no longer apply to British companies and they will therefore have to appoint a representative who, together with the British company, will be jointly responsible for VAT. Discussions on a comprehensive and sustainable free trade agreement are still ongoing, the ministry added. The agreement covers trade in goods and ensures that 95% of merchandise trade with Norway and more than 90% with Iceland remain duty-free, giving companies confidence that they will be able to continue working under the same conditions as they are today, when the transition period ends. The Norwegian and British governments have agreed on a free trade deal after Brexit. The agreement announced this week by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry will settle the country`s trade relations from January. The agreement between Norway and the United Kingdom covers a number of areas, including: I look forward to concluding a comprehensive trade agreement on goods and services with our long-standing partners, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, which is expected to come into force in 2021 and which respects our common commitment to free and fair trade. They can carry out their duties until December 31, 2020. However, since the United Kingdom wanted to keep the “providers” outside the separation agreement with Norway, this group must have a residence permit under the “third country regulations” in order to continue its remit or accept new contracts in Norway after 1 January 2021.

As processing times can be long during Covid-19, they should start the application process as soon as possible. Investments and freedom of establishment may not be properly protected by the final free trade agreement. Nor is it covered in the transitional agreement.

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