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What Was The Name Of The Peace Agreement Between Israel And Egypt

Yet peace is often referred to as a “cold peace”[14] and many in Egypt are skeptical of its effectiveness. [16] [17] The Arab-Israeli conflict has kept relations cold. [18] According to, in 2008, the Egyptian army conducted simulated military exercises against an “enemy” Israel. [19] [19] [Best source required] However, this quest for peace did not begin with Sadats` trip to Israel, but only came after more than half a century of efforts by early Zionist and Israeli leaders to negotiate peace with the Arabs. Every government in Israel`s history had declared its desire to live in peace with all Arab states, including those that had ruthlessly attacked the Jewish state in 1948 and 1967 and 1973. The Camp David Agreements were some political agreements signed by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin on September 17, 1978[1] after twelve days of secret negotiations at Camp David, the site of the U.S. President`s withdrawal in Maryland. [2] The two framework agreements were signed at the White House and were attested by President Jimmy Carter. The second framework (a framework for the conclusion of a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel) led directly to the 1979 peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. Under the agreement, Sadat and Begin were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978.

The first framework (a framework for peace in the Middle East) dealing with the Palestinian territories was written without the participation of the Palestinians and condemned by the United Nations. Sadat first spoke in February 1971 about the possibility of peace with Israel and Egypt was the initiator of many stages in the 1970s. [1] On November 9, 1977, he frightened the world by announcing his intention to go to Jerusalem and address the Knesset. Shortly thereafter, the Israeli government cordially invited him to speak about the U.S. ambassador to Egypt in a message to Sadat. Ten days after his speech, Sadat arrived for the three-day revolutionary visit that launched the first peace process between Israel and an Arab state. As with subsequent Arab-Israeli peace initiatives, Washington was caught off guard; The White House and the State Department were particularly concerned that Sadat was content to retake Sinai as quickly as possible, putting aside the Palestinian problem. Sadat was seen as a man of strong political convictions, who had the main objective in mind, and had no ideological basis, which made him politically incoherent. [9] Sadat`s visit came after he gave a speech to Egypt in which he said he was going everywhere, “including Jerusalem,” to discuss peace. [10] This speech led the government begin to declare that Israel would invite it if Israel believed that Sadat would accept an invitation. In the sadat speech on the Knesset, he spoke of his views on peace, the status of the occupied territories of Israel and the problem of Palestinian refugees.

This tactic runs counter to the intentions of the West and the East to revive the Geneva conference. The Camp David Accords also led to the disintegration of a united Arab front in opposition to Israel. The reorientation of Egypt created a power vacuum that Saddam Hussein of Iraq, once only a secondary power, hoped to fill. Due to the vague language on the implementation of Resolution 242, the Palestinian problem has become the main problem of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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