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Yarra Valley Grammar Agreement

Yarra Valley Grammar welcomes applications from international students who wish to study in our school in preparation for Grade 12. Please note that the start of school outside of semester 1 is allowed at the discretion of the school. To apply for a place at Yarra Valley Grammar, please provide a copy of the following: Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information. Students with a wide range of backgrounds and partnerships with foreign schools create a culture of diversity at Yarra Valley Grammar. We encourage our students to look beyond their immediate networks and consider their place as global citizens – a concept defined by mentality rather than nationality. We encourage them to stop from time to time in their daily lives and reflect on our rapidly changing world. This allows them to understand their place in society and to look for ways to make a useful contribution. It is mandatory for all foreign applicants to take an Australian Teaching Assessment Test (AEAS) which provides an assessment of the student`s knowledge of English and proposes the length of an intensive English course required before the start of the Grammar Yarra Valley. Applications must be made to Once an application containing supporting documents has been received, it is reviewed by the admissions agency in consultation with the appropriate principal and the international student coordinator. Successful applicants will receive an interim letter of offer under the following conditions: to accept a provisional place in Yarra Valley Grammar, payment of the registration amount and student agreement must be made with the contract signed until the due date. Once these documents and deposits have been received by the school, a CAAW letter and a confirmation of registration (COE) are issued.

Yarra Valley Grammar has an amazing community of groups that make the Yarra Spirit. For more information, please click here.

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