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2008 Physician Services Agreement Ontario

A weekly pricing code for the treatment of palliative care of $51.70 will be included in OHIP`s performance plan by January 1, 2008. A working group will present, until December 31, 2007, a program for most of the most responsible medical services (MRP), which will include recommendations on the remuneration of full-time hospital physicians and municipal physicians who provide hospital care. Through HealthForceOntario, a relocation assistance program is being implemented to encourage physicians who do not currently live or practice in Ontario and who have a connection to Ontario or Canada to practice in that province. The reassessment was completed and the OMA Board approved a package of new incentives and royalties, most of which will come into effect in the fall of 2007 and early 2008. Among the most important elements are: a single funding has been adapted to access premiums for physicians, in recognition of the negative effects of premiums for access to family doctors by physician-focused in-office services. The funding criteria will be developed by the Medical Services Committee. Effective October 1, 2007, the Pregnancy And Parental Leave Program will be amended to extend eligibility requirements beyond honorary physicians and APP physicians. A subcommittee of the Medical Services Committee will assess the impact of family physician billing on physician access premiums in primary care models. Guidelines are developed for exceptions for certain GP-focused practice groups.

The ministry will implement a package of tariff changes recommended by the OMA Central Committee on Collective Agreements. Please refer to Schedule D of the contract for the full list of tax codes. The four-year framework agreement on medical services provides for a review of the average value of the agreement as part of investment initiatives and changes in the health system. $15 million has been allocated to support this process. The ministry and OMA identified human resources in the health sector as a priority in the reassessment. The full After Hours Premium agreement (Q016) will increase from 10% to 20% effective October 1, 2007. A bilateral committee was appointed to examine the parameters of a competitive incentive program. . The Commission considers that the OMA team has indeed allocated the available resources and has put in place important mechanisms to achieve further improvements in the future. While the management of the OMA locum program is entrusted, the ministry is committed to maintaining full funding for the OMA CME/Rural Locum program. These funds are being used to support an expanded CME initiative.

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