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Before entering into a business agreement, you must negotiate the terms. There are a large number of trading books on the market. While some offer gratifying advice, many dubious tips are provided (i.e. the other party must wait too long for a scheduled trading meeting, or put the other side in a chair that is deliberately shorter than yours to unconsciously signal your superiority). Researching Public Companies Through EDGAR: A Guide for Investors Tips for using EDGAR and answers to frequently asked questions about researching public companies In this 2013 post I wrote about the free service As things stand, may not only be free, but may also offer a faster opportunity to obtain examples of certain types of contracts, as it offers a broader classification than WestlawNext. But the word search function isn`t as sophisticated as what WestlawNext offers, so I stay with WestlawNext to see how contracts use certain uses. But EDGAR is not looking for what they were. Our SEC filing page contains more than 16 million documents dating back to 1960. Learn how to search for SEC applications and the most common types of documents. Save Your search Do you want to receive updates on new submissions? Learn how to save your search by subscribe to EDGAR RSS feeds.

In the past, it was very easy to use Lexis to browse the 10-entries exhibitions, as Lexis had a separate library for 10 entries. And I could use an “Allcaps” search to find certain types of contracts, because this type of search would record the contract titles. I invite Preston Clark (@lawinsider) to inform us of the current state of And if anyone can find a way to make only 10 submissions, let me know. To browse the SEC corporate return database, including quarterly and management reports, registration records for IpOs and other offers, insider trading reports and proxy documents, use the search field below. See also our full-text EDGAR search. Enter the name, ticker or CK into the individual search field. How to explore state-owned enterprises, learn how to quickly search for a company`s activities and financial information with EDGAR search tools. A long-standing anchor of our research platform is our series of SEC Disclosure research sites by state-owned companies. Use our SEC filing page for a high-performance file and enterprise-level search. Use our special investigative pages to drill even deeper, to quickly find valuable needles in the haystack of SEC EDGAR files.

IMPORTANT: The legacy search tool will be removed from service and will no longer be available from September 30, 2020. Please customize your bookmarks and links to use the SEC website search. To search for and looking for public explanations, proposed and final rules, enforcement measures, training materials and other documents, enter keywords or phrases below. Your comments are welcome, contact In this search, no business requests are requested. But with the move to Lexis Advance, we gave up this infrastructure. Lexis now allows you to browse all EDGAR submissions only as an undifferentiated mass via the EDGAR Online service. There`s no point. (I checked directly with EDGAR Online, but they also don`t allow exposure to 10 searches.) WestlawNext allows you to at least browse “Sample Agreements” or any of a dozen subgroups that have all been put to death by EDGAR.

But research “example agreements” are not only about obtaining contracts, but also about organizational documents and financial information. And contracts for other exhibitions, not just pieces 10, are included. The research therefore contains irrelevant results and cannot be reliably used to compare the relative popularity of different uses. And it`s harder than before to find certain types of contracts. EDGAR Search for text new polyva tool

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