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Smartphone Agreement

Contracts are not for children. That is one of the reasons why no company — including smartphone companies — lets children sign them. Your teen has a remarkable ability to achieve great performance, but running a phone is not one of them. Unfortunately, the field of executive function of the brain is the last that is mature, and that is what smartphone management requires. If you act irresponsibly and don`t seem to follow the rules above, we will take your smartphone and lend it to you as soon as you behave responsibly again. A mobile phone contract is an agreement that describes what families will do to ensure that children take care of their mobile phones and use them responsibly – like . B not to send text messages during the trip. You (nervous) gave your teen his first smartphone. You are now on a strategic mission to build a responsible digital citizen, even if you don`t know exactly what that means. After doing your homework, you decided to meet in neutral territory with a well thought out plan to ensure a safe and positive phone experience: a smartphone contract. 5.

On a practical level, smartphone contracts work about as well as these task charts. The idea that a “magic” smartphone contract protects your children and makes them responsible is a myth that our culture promotes. If we put the Teen Science model on the contract decision on smartphones, things just don`t add up. Unfortunately, these powerful devices are designed to capture the attention of our children, their time, their innocence and, according to medical science, some of the best years of their lives. What they need more than a telephone contract is more connections with you and more time to establish personal relationships with their colleagues; You don`t need a contract. I`ll remember that. Everything you do with your smartphone – writing or recording, as well as any photo shoot – can be put online and watched by anyone on the web. And everything on the Internet could stay there.

For a long time. That`s the reason every time, and we think that every time you use your phone, think. Even if you interact with someone you already know and even with your best friend. Think before you press “Send.” All the time. The smartphone is ours. Not for you. We paid for it and we now lend it to you. We can take it back whenever we want. They have a responsibility not to damage it and not to lose it. Dr. Michael Rubino, a San Francisco Bay-area psychotherapist who has worked with teens for more than 19 years, recommends that teens have a mobile phone (without a camera) and not a smartphone.7 “There`s no reason why a teenager really needs a smartphone.

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