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Sustainable Development Investment Agreement

The document aims to examine ways of reforming the African International Investment Agreement (IIIA) and their viability in order to reconcile investment protection and sustainable development. The first part examines Africa`s experience with traditional IDAMIT and highlights its main obstacles to the implementation of host countries` sustainable development policy. The second part examines three elements of reform used in the modern African IIA to promote sustainable foreign investment: (a) the full integration of sustainable development into the IIA`s material provisions to maintain the rights of host countries to implement their sustainable development policies; (b) the inclusion of investor commitments to ensure that investors contribute to sustainable development; (c) clarify isYS rules to avoid the negative effects of arbitration decisions on host countries` sustainable development policies. The third part discusses the feasibility of these African approaches to reconcile investment protection and sustainable development, as well as the perspectives and challenges that arise outside the African context. Many critics argue that the current international investment regime is irretrievably flawed and argue for the total dissolution of the regime and its replacement by a regime that focuses specifically on the commitments of transnational investors. The IISD shares many concerns, but has taken a different path and proposed a new model for IIA, with rights and obligations for investors, home countries and host countries – a model consistent with the goals and requirements of sustainable development and the global economy of the 21st century. There may be several reasons for the sustainability gap between LDCs in Asia`s least developed countries and LDCs and IDAMIT examples. This study shows that the least developed countries are adopting the traditional and original perspective of sustainable development in Asia and within the energy framework of WEU in general. Although sustainable development has traditionally been and originally a two-dimensional paradigm of the balance between economic growth and environmental protection, it has been extended in recent years. Today, there is broad agreement that sustainable development has received a third pillar, that is, social development. The integration of a social dimension not only enriches the content of sustainable development, but also contributes to transforming sustainable development from a two-dimensional paradigm to a multidimensional paradigm that seeks to strike the right balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social development. Extending sustainable development means that more types and subtypes of SDPs should be included in the IIA.

This publication contains the full text of IISD`s International Model Agreement on Investments in Sustainable Development, accompanied by an article-by-article commentary explaining the intentions and nuances of the text in clear language.

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