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Accession Form Grant Agreement

If the consortium has decided not to sign its grant during the preparatory phase of the grant, it can initiate the termination process through the GRANT MANAGEMENT IT tool. Consult the detailed screens and descriptions of the termination before signing the grant. The grant agreement must be signed no later than three months after receipt of the results of your evaluation (Article 20(2) of the Conditions of Participation). To achieve this, there is a strict deadline for each step of the preparation of the agreement. Where appropriate, implement the result of a financial capability assessment. We will check the financial capacity of the coordinators in the case of projects for which European funds have been requested for an amount equal to or greater than EUR 500 000. Coordinators who are public bodies or who are financially guaranteed by a Member State or an associated country shall not be monitored. If there is only one participant in a project, that entity is also not verified. However, each participant must verify whether there are reasonable grounds to doubt his or her financial capacity. The financial capacity to participate in a given project is assessed on the basis of the financial viability of the organisation concerned.

The circumstances of the project and other relevant information concerning the organisation may also be taken into consideration. You can determine the financial viability of your organization using the financial self-verification tool available on the Funding & Tenders portal. For more details, see the rules on the validation of legal entities, the appointment of LEAR and the assessment of financial capacity. The financial viability review has 4 possible outcomes: Good – Acceptable – Low – Insufficient “Good” or “Acceptable” If your financial viability is good or acceptable, no further action is normally required. “Low” If your financial viability is low, make sure that the budget details match the proposal and the invitation to prepare the grant agreement. The proposal shall include the budget of all related third parties in the budget of the participants concerned. At this point, you need to separate the budget of the participants and associated third parties and provide details for both. Select the action (i.e. the project) for which a grant agreement is being prepared. This process summarizes the main steps in concluding the signature of your grant agreement: deadlines: the invitation to prepare the grant agreement indicates the deadlines you must meet. They may deviate slightly from the abovementioned model agreements, provided that the grant agreement can be concluded within three months. Check that all the organisations participating in the project (beneficiaries and, where applicable, associated third parties) agree with the organisations indicated in the application, only then will you be able to sign the grant agreement.

You will also find more information on the process of declaring the beneficiary`s denunciation or on launching an application to terminate a grant agreement. PLSIGN signs amendments to grant agreements and PFSIGN signs accounts through the same process. . . .

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