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Car Peace Agreement 2019

From January 24 to February 5, 2019, in Khartoum, Republic of Sudan, as part of the Am17. The dialogue process signed on 17 July 2017 in Libreville, Gabon, met as part of the dialogue process, the main objective of which is to promote dialogue between the government and armed groups. , with a view to reaching a comprehensive agreement by mutual agreement to put a definitive end to the crisis; Debates about the strongest and most capable of running the country began to transgress all the spirits of adaptation and power-sharing that marked the signing of the peace agreement. Political maneuvering in the capital is unlikely to help address the causes of the rebellion within the central government, which historically stem from the marginalized peripheries of the state. Further evidence of perceived disinterest in events outside Bangui has been questioned by many international observers as to why the government did not unmask a high-level delegation in an attempt to calm the escalation of violence in Birao. What`s to be done? The government should set clear standards for the behaviour of armed groups; it should leave government management ministers from groups that do not meet with them. The government and international actors should support local peace initiatives. Chad and Sudan should use their influence over armed groups to end their ill-treatment. In early September 2019, at least for the second time this year, the Movement of Central African Justice (MLCJ) and the Central African Renaissance People`s Front (FPRC) clashed in the town of Birao in the north of the Central African Republic (CAR). The two groups had signed the peace agreement of 6 February and the head of the MLCJ, Gilbert Toumou Deya, is now a member of the cabinet in charge of relations with armed groups, in accordance with the agreement. Six months after the CAR`s armed rebels signed a peace agreement with the government, some have flagrantly violated it, experts say, because citizens wonder why warlords have seats at the top table.

New struggles continue to affect the stability of governments and could lead to the failure of the recent peace agreement During and after the negotiations, the government`s approach was inconsistent and poorly communicated to public opinion. The government, strengthened by its alliance with Moscow, met hardly with AU members and thus played a minor role in the approach to Khartoum. In February and March, it opposed calls from armed groups to occupy high-level positions in the government to open the doors of public administration. The early inability of the President and his senior officials to engage the public through communication or travel in the country, against their frequent travel abroad, has reinforced the idea that they consider external actors to be their main constituency. [fn] Interviews of the crisis group, government and opposition politicians, Bangui, March 2019.

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