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Collective Agreement In Mandarin

Chinese labour law has changed in recent decades. In 1995, a comprehensive description of the obligations and rights of employers and workers was established. In 2008, the rules for collective bargaining were changed. In February 2016, an even more recent change was introduced: foreign students who graduate in China can work there. To work in China, foreigners must be invited by an employer who takes care of many necessary permits. The employer must submit a contract to the local employment agency at the same time as the workers` travel documents. Work permits are often issued only in a specific area in which the worker will work. What are the procedures for an employee whose employer is in breach of the employment contract and whose lawyers are afraid to take over a large company? Workers in China, both domestic and foreign, have rights granted to them by Chinese labour law. On the other hand, there are some people who cannot work in China or who need special permission.

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