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Joint Development Agreement Land

Once the town planning plans have been approved by the legal authorities, there will be clarity in the details of the dwellings, car parks and proportional proportional land. On that date, an award agreement (endorsement) may be executed under the JDA, with the units allocated to each of the parties assigned for specific purposes. If the built area does not exactly correspond to the relationship agreed under the JDA, the parties may agree to adapt it to the monetary consideration. This document also does not require registration. Real estate sector: a real estate company is a company that deals with buying, selling, managing or investing real estate. Real estate is “property, land, buildings, air rights above the ground and underground rights underground underground. The owner has the plan developed by an architect taking into account the requirements of the landowner. Once the plan is completed and approved by the landowner, this will be subject to government approval. All procedures, formalities and authorisation fees are covered by the contractor. Once the plans have been submitted and approved, the owner takes possession of the land by the owner. At this point, the balance of the refundable advance is paid to the landowner. After receiving permission from the competent authority, the owner begins construction and publicly informs the availability of the units for sale. Another clever trick from the owners.

The joint development agreement is implemented and registered in order to comply with the rules and rules. A separate endorsement to the joint development agreement will then be signed. This is either an amendment to some of the existing clauses of the JDA or additional clauses that will be part of the JDA. In terms of lay people, suppose I own a residential area and the owner directs me to build apartments on my land. This plan is beneficial to both parties. The reason is that as a landowner, I unlock the value of my property without any additional investment from Single Rupee. Seen from the owner, he does not need to invest money to buy land. He can use the same money to build the property.

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