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Pilot Training Bond Agreement Sample

Pilots believe that training obligations are generally unfair, especially when they are imposed at the end of the pilot or when the employer has gone bankrupt. On the other hand, airlines view training loans as insurance against a pilot skipping vessel and bring their new skills to a competitor. But are training loans enforceable? This is exactly what happened in Northern Thunderbird Air v. Van Haron in 2011. The pilot signed a training contract, but it was concluded at the end of the training. The B.C Court of Appeal upheld the judge`s decision that there was no consideration for the training loan agreement, since the employer did not grant any further benefit to the pilot after the agreement was signed. Therefore, the training requirement was not applicable. This case shows how fundamental it is for cabin crew members to remain professional in their work environment; not only at the time of flight, but also when it comes to the operator`s management team. All cabin crew members who sign a training loan must meet their contractual obligations. Training obligations are legally binding and enforceable documents. Training obligations are therefore attractive legal instruments for pilots who are willing to improve their aviation skills to advance their careers, but pilots must recognize that these agreements represent a considerable amount of money and can therefore result in serious personal liabilities in the event of a breach of contract. Flight training is expensive, and liability for breach of contract could jeopardize your aviation career. “Ultimately, the company did not use its clear collective agreement right to require Mr.

Sipko to participate in the training. He trained in spite of himself. In these circumstances, the company was not entitled to make the incriminated deduction of Mr. Sipko`s wages. The “general rule” in section 254.1, paragraph 1, of the code has been applied. There were no exceptions.¬†“Company pilots who successfully offer an upgrade (either in the status of FO to captain or between aircraft types) agree to pass an upgrade obligation. The upgrade obligation takes effect for a period of twelve (12) months, has an initial value of 6,000.00 USD and is valued by. The reinsman agrees to repay the balance of the upgrade obligation if he leaves the company before the expiry of the 12-month agreement, or if he terminates his geraucausen employment.¬†Training obligations are often used by air carriers to recruit and/or retain their flight crew. This legal agreement is quite simple; the air transport operator pays for the flight training of the newly recruited pilot (i.e. pilot proficiency check) and requires, given that the pilot generally provides for a period of employment under a formal employment contract. If the pilot resigns before the expiry of the agreed term in the employment contract, the pilot must reimburse the flight training costs on a pro-rata basis defined in the agreement.

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