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Amendment To Agreement Of Purchase And Sale Sample

For example, an inspection may reveal problems with the quality of well water in a cabin. The buyer still wants the holiday home, but now has to spend more money to improve the water quality, so he proposes to change the SPG at a lower purchase price. A change means that a change is requested, Bloom says, and it can be used to correct errors that may have been overlooked, for example. B a spelling mistake. Monett also saw changes that were used if another document had been more appropriate. “From time to time, buyer representatives create a change if a performance notification or waiver was the best tool. Christian Allan, a REALTORĀ® of Perth, Ont., says changes are sometimes sought after by buyers who want to reopen a transaction at a lower price. “I`ve worked a lot on the changes and most happen when buyers try to renegotiate the price or remove conditions to make the offer more attractive to the seller,” she says.

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